In today's ever more complex and fast-changing business environment, however successful a manager you are, it is more and more difficult to take every decision and accompany every change in your organization alone. While the CEO's office will remain a lonely corner when important decisions need to be made or before a Board presentation, one can find a discreet and supportive partner in a strategic coach. Traditional consultants are often too heavy, too slow, too expensive or simply do not have the necessary real life operational experience to understand your issues and be a useful sparring partner for you. 

It is for this reason that CEOACH is proposing a new kind of executive support: a very personal, of course confidential, support from an experienced and senior business manager who has really experienced and managed the challenges which you are facing in your business today. 

With 20+ years of experience both in senior management (including CEO) positions and internal and external consultancy roles, the CEOACH consultant, while assessing your business quickly, can accompany you in your most important business decisions and developments, drawing on his deep experience in a wide range of industrial enterprises spanning three continents. CEOACH can provide you with a personal sparring partner who understands your concerns, a senior resource who can confront his structured and objective analysis of your operations with your internal views, as well as deploy validated tools to improve performance. 

CEOACH provides support in particular in the following areas, crucial to the performance of your enterprise or business unit: 

  • Strategy 

  • Coaching 

  • Productivity 

  • Re-organization 

  • Talent Assessment 

  • Growth Management.

To allow you to determine if and how CEOACH can be a support for you, please reach us by e-mailing CEOACH (address below) to set up an initial discussion.