South American Subsidiary CEO Selection
This global company had entered into an international Exchange Program for Executives in order to foster its multi-cultural integration. Moreover, aiming at utmost diversity, the program included a high percentage of female participation in the program. When the Brazilian BU suffered a management crisis, the company needed to send over a new head that would take leadership locally and have 100% support from the headquarters. 

When reviewing candidates with the necessary skills to lead the local team in this international group, it became clear that few would make the grade. C
EOACH consultant suggested a member of the program who was heading a functional department in another BU, even though she had never had any P&L responsibility. Leading a 100% male team in Brazil was going to be challenging. However, with proper coaching of the candidate, CEOACH consultant convinced the candidate and the group's executive that she had the proper charisma and stamina to lead the charge. Careful planning of her needed support led to short term assignment of skilled subordinates from other BUs to help her overcome her potential shortcomings. The assignment was a great success with all of the unit's objectives being met under the new leadership.