Talent Management
In the process of coaching managers, the talent issue will sooner or later come up. Not only does a manager question his/her own talent, but rightfully also his/her team's. While this issue is probably regularly addressed in the normal course of business, the question becomes more acute and complex when the company enters into a change mode. 
"Is that manager capable of carrying forward his/her new duties ? 
Or should one look for another candidate to fill the redefined role ?  
Is this profile available internally, or must it be attracted from outside?  
While implementing these changes, how do we retain critical talent ? 
How do I build talent readiness for the time new roles will be needed?
If this critical talent was to become suddenly absent, how can I limit the impact ? " 

CEOACH first reviews internal tools and practices used by management or the HR department, then proposes deployment of additional tools if needed (yearly reviews, people mapping, High Potential identification, succession planning, training assessment, ...).
Through formal or informal meetings with managers, CEOACH consultants will assess employee talent in relation to current and/or future roles. In an interactive process with the client, the consultant will pinpoint talent, behavioral, cultural and inter-personal relationship gaps which require attention. In the particular case of multi-cultural organizations, a specific focus will be given to inter-cultural issues, whether linked to the different thought processes within the organization or which are creating communication difficulties. 

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