Growth Management
Per se, growth is good as it motivates teams to do more and as it generally spreads costs over a larger revenue base, hence improving competitiveness and profitability. A well defined strategic vision will help direct growth, either in new markets or in new products or through new channels. But what impact will growth have on a company's structure: Is the back office capable to cope with the new business ? Does the company have the right language skills? ... 

Also, one needs to ask if one can afford continuous aggressive growth, especially if past expansion plans have already stretched resources (people, equipment, liquidities or debt) ? Should one alternatively focus on one's core business, divest its less strategic operations and grow again from its most competitive base with what are now adequate and aligned resources ? 
Within this strategic growth analysis, CEOACH will bring:
Expertise both in growing businesses and in right-sizing in order to focus on core competencies, as well as the experience to advise which is most appropriate depending on the circumstances,
Expertise in multi-national growth and in multi-cultural environments,
Experience in reviewing associated resource requirements, including financial (Working Capital, stocks, .. ), talent (allocation of specific resources or not) and organizational, 
Support in developing a structured implementation plan including milestones and monitoring tools. 

As case studies that can rarely be transposed, even within the same sector, look at the references with an inspiring view.