Strategic coaching touches the manager in his most fundamental role: that of decision making. In today's complex business environment, it cannot be considered as a weakness but rather sound judgment to reach outside for advice, support, or simply to find a sparring partner for your ideas. There are obviously many forum for intellectual exchange, but when it comes to getting support on your specific business situations, individually tailored coaching is the only answer. Dealing with uncertainty, with incomplete or unavailable information or simply with lack of time fills probably your daily life. 
CEOACH, unlike the large consulting firms, provides you fast with a truly personal relationship with a dedicated and high caliber expert. A down-to-earth consultant, quick to understand your own specific business model, will directly question your teams and visit your operations to grasp the essence of your business. Independently from the complexity of your business, after a strategic diagnostic, CEOACH will provide you with effective and efficient strategic coaching, an immediate return on your investment.
"Is my company (still) structured appropriately for our environment?" 
"How do I prepare / cope with this unexpected recession?" 
"I am no longer sure I have the right talent for this challenging task" 
"I am spending too much time on these small issues, what went wrong in my delegation?". "Should we accept the offer for that division ? Am I right to go after this acquisition ?" 
"Have I asked myself and my team all the relevant questions before this major decision? 
"Am I missing something out there ?" 

All these questions can be effectively addressed through structured and highly interactive exchange with your strategic coach providing the unbiased view of an external sparring partner who has nevertheless ensured that he has a deep knowledge of your business fundamentals and your objectives. Still at the end, all your decisions will remain yours; whether you want your coach to support your decision process in front of your board is also your ultimate decision.
Whether you need this coaching for a spot decision or as a regular accompaniment in your business decisions, you will always have at your disposal the same consultant, with an accumulated knowledge of your business for utmost efficiency, meeting after meeting. While you define the frequency of these meetings and you determine the level of confidentiality (with your peers or with your Board), you rest assured any information remains sealed against competition. 
Considering the confidentiality of our coaching activity, references are limited in their descriptions.