Is cost cutting the only rule for survival today? Is being leaner a synonym for re-structuring or outsourcing? Is delocalizing in low cost countries the only option to remain competitive? Should one invest, at times when credit is tight, in new technologies to maintain quality and technological leadership for the years to come? 
Productivity assessment is an integral part of the company strategy implementation. As strategy defines a company's positioning in the value chain for its core products, the optimum use of its resources to deliver this positioning needs to be continually challenged and re-assessed. In this never-ending critical process, CEOACH brings to the client the necessary tools to determine:
are current processes meeting the objectives of the company ?
are current processes performing to today's best standards ?
are resources allocated to these processes ? (With respect to investment, people, organization, technology) 

With his breadth of expertise in a wide range of industries and access to tailored benchmarking, CEOACH offers not only structured testing but also provides a variety of toolboxes for proposed improvement solutions. Moreover, thanks to its global experience, CEOACH will recommend techniques for implementation of effective productivity improvements across cultural/geographical business environments. 

Some references highlight examples of productivity assessment done with key clients.